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Event Management

Creative concepts development, preparation and implementation of events of various complexity, aimed at brand, product, personality or idea promotion.

Concerts and festivals, ceremonies and receptions, parties and presentations, shows and performances, forums and conferences, exhibitions and tours, auctions and visits, corporate events and dealers' meetings, street actions and private dinners. B2B as well as B2C directions. The number of guests varies from 30,000 to 20 people.

Apart from a bright idea, quality content, smart set and adequately selected venues, it is perfect execution and well-coordinated work of all support services that matters. And we know how to organize it.

PR and Consulting

Development, planning and implementation of PR campaigns aimed at product, brand, idea, event or personality promotion; image creation and maintenance; target audience loyalty growth; awareness campaigns on company's activity. Press activities: newsmakers creation, initiating publications in target media, advertorials placement, press conferences, briefings, press tours, press breakfasts and lunches, round tables organization. Guest and VIP management, corporate and personal PR.

Market research and forecast services, marketing programs development, projects fulfillment evaluation, consulting services in the sphere of marketing and PR.

Corporate Sponsorship

Collection and analysis of information regarding projects, organizations and people that need funding. Listing projects that meet client's requirements; preparation and adaptation of projects for sponsors, fund-raising.

Search and attraction of partners for financial and technical sponsorship as well as cross promotion. Development and implementation of an action program to represent client's interests, integrated in the sponsored project, coordination of sponsors and project organizers interactions. Ensuring sponsorship's efficiency through permanent control of obligations fulfillment by the project organizers.

Design and Creative Idea

Corporate identity and logotype design; dummy design for printers (posters, invitations, tickets, brochures, etc.); web design; display booths and presentation material design on any media; creation of 3D visualization, multimedia presentations and interactive design elements.

Creative brand positioning and event's artistic concept development; branding, event scenario preparation, set design, copyright; stage scenery and installations design; stage direction and production.


Printing production: fliers, leaflets, booklets, brochures, books, albums, files, disks, presentation, printed and electronic invitation cards, posters, bills, banners, broadsheets.

Promotional products and theme presents for holidays, business presents of various levels: organizers, files, notebooks, pens. Any product branding, individual souvenirs creation.

Individually designed promo uniforms, outfits, accessories.

Events branding, decorations and installations: stage design and architecture, mobile and static decorations, theme and seasonal decorations, venue decoration.

Technical equipment: sound, light, stage, broadcasting; special effects, laser show; awning, podium and hanging constructions.


Russian and foreign musicians' concerts management; creation and promotion of exclusive music projects of any genre, modern as well as classical.

Booking presenters, performers, casting and coordination of the staff for ad images, cinema, TV, shows, performances, exhibitions and presentations.

Art projects development; curators and authors selection; art objects creation.

Photo and video filming, reels and summary films creation.

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